The Series 502 Incline Indicator System is designed to give an easily understood warning of the extent and direction of tilt of a working or travelling excavator, including driving on and off trailers. While the vehicle is in use, the display will continually indicate the direction and angle of the tilt at which the vehicle is operating. The direction of tilt is indicated by the progressive LED display lighting along one arm, or two adjacent arms, of the display. At the maximum permissible inclination all the LEDs of the arm flash, and an intermittent audible warning sounds. A further continuous audible alarm sounds if any corrective action causes an increased tilt. There are three versions available, 10 degrees maximum, 12 degrees maximum and 14 degrees maximum.  

The system is intended to assist the driver to operate the vehicle within the acceptable limits of its stability with reference to the slope and inclination of the surface on which it Is working. The system has no control functions, and relies upon the driver’s response to the information provided.  

The Display Unit has a MUTE/DIM facility which allows the driver to alter the level of brightness of the display and sound level of the alarm.  

The Incline Indicator comprises two small units installed separately in the vehicle cab, connected by a dedicated harness and powered from the vehicle’s 12V supply (via the ignition ). Both units are sturdily built and sealed to IP67 to provide a high level of environmental protection.

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