The load pin sensor (LPL reference 331-002) is fitted in a clevis arrangement in the anchor wedge (fixed end) of a hoist rope or chain. It monitors the load experienced by the hoist and outputs a signal to the control PCB. If the signal exceeds the calibrated 100% load, the control PCB operates a relay to trip the hoist motor to prevent lifting (lowering is permitted).  

The load pin sensor is manufactured from high performance EN24 steel, plated for environmental and corrosion resistance, with an IP54 ingress rating. It is designed to work in normal industrial conditions. Stainless steel versions can be supplied for marine or other extreme conditions. The load pin sensors are strain gauged in a full wheatstone bridge to provide a 350 Ohms (resistance) signal output. The Series 300 load pins are fully temperature compensated to operate between -20 to +70 degrees Centigrade.  

The standard load pin diameters/capacities available are:

16mm 0.9 ton
20mm 2.0 ton
30mm 4.5 ton
40mm 7.0 ton
60mm 24.0 ton

Special sizes manufactured to order.

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